How Does The Power Change In Lord Of The Flies

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It's november 11 1918 war one has just finished and germany is left in ruins. After 15 years a political figure takes power and his name is adolf hitler.Hitler gained his power just like jack did int the book lord of the flies, by fear and promises of short term relief from crisis. In the book lord of the flies by william golding the author uses the boys to show how power changes when in crisis. The boys are quick to assign ralph the chief because he is the first one to talk about rescue and being saved. Then jack tries to overthrow ralph's authority. He then successfully overthrows ralph leading to the first power change. But admits the boys another potential leader arises by the name of rodger. The author shows how quick the boys are to …show more content…

After ralph and piggy journey to the other tribe they are met by hostile savages who wouldn't listen to reason. “ Jack backed against the tribe and they were a solid mass of menace.”(pg.180). The author shows how jack now has complete control of the boys and how they are backing him up and wont go with the side of reason. At this point in the book Jacks power is at its height and he has made all the boys sever their own ties to being civilized.” Rodger advanced on them wielding a unnamed authority.”(pg.188). The author is tryting to show the readers about how rodger could be the next jack and how he could undermine jacks power and steal his tribe from him. The author shows this by how rodger without getting any orders from jack takes the twins. The idea of roger becoming the new leader is a strong idea because how he shows the same signs jack did in the beginning, where he does what he wants like when he killed piggy, or takes the twins. So even tho jack made promises of meat, safety, and a place to have fun, his power is still being threatened by a stronger more feared

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