How Does The Raven Relate To Poe

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Edgar Alen Poe's poems relates to him because, they are about all the tragedy's he has had in his past. His life was filled with tragedy and darkness. In the raven he is trying to get over his lover's death. The raven basically is like him saying that things keep stiring up the memories he had with his lover. The raven has a lot of evidence that "The Raven" is relating to a trauma. As a young boy his mom had died. The death of his mom caused his dad to have a drinking problem. This relates to his poetry because, he had been abandon and had already suffered a great loss at such as a young age. First, his loss is present in both the poem and in actual life. He is traumatized by the raven's constant reminder of her absense. The poem states, "Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December; And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor." This evidence shows that he had been thinking about how the floor where he was at had memories. In this very sentence he is stating that the dying ember would be his mom and the ghost upon the floor would be his father with a drinking problem. As well as it states in this paragraph, his sorrow due to losing his mother you call tell in this he is connecting the poem to his actual life, relating to it. …show more content…

In this is he is referring to the darkness of the night. This is him expressing how he feels about his loss of Lenore. He is describing his grief into his poem, expressing the ways that he feels. The loss of Lenore deeply affects Poe as he states. I this line Poe is relating to the death and loss of Lenore by stating how he feels about, and stating Lenore's name gets

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