How Does The Reformation Affect Our Life

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The Reformation still affects our lives today in many different ways. The Reformation is an event that occurred in the 16th century, during the life of Martin Luther. Martin Luther was a man who studied to become a lawyer. However, one fateful night young Martin was traveling home when a thunderstorm struck! That day he dedicated himself to becoming a monk. From then on ,he devoted his life to the Catholic Church. One day ,he discovered that the Church was selling items called indulgences. Indulgences are what the Catholic Church sold to citizens to get them or loved ones out of purgatory. Purgatory is supposedly the place between Heaven and Hell. Martin thought this was wrong so he looked in the bible (the bible was only in Latin and Greek at the time) and he could not find any signs of purgatory and indulgences in the Bible. Instead ,he found that to get into …show more content…

Without the Reformation the Catholic Church may still have been selling indulgences. The Catholic Church may have still been teaching about purgatory. They might even still exile people about having different views about the Church. If all of this were to still happen, many important people might have never existed. Countries could have never been founded, wars never fought, major historical events could have never happened. Without the Reformation, the great heroic story of Martin Luther probably would be passed off as a story of tyrant whom tried to purge the Catholic Church of its greatness. The Bible might have never been written in German, or any other language for that matter. Without the Reformation, many other Churches that branched off and became a whole new Church may not have even existed, there would have only been the Catholic

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