How Is Lady Macbeth's Guilt

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Lady Macbeth, cruel wife of Macbeth, assisted in the murder of King Duncan and his servants. She is a violently ambitious and manipulative woman, so much so that she thought up and planned the idea to kill King Duncan and convinced Macbeth to kill Duncan and his servants so that he could take Duncan’s place on the throne. Macbeth carried out with the deed, while the feeling of guilt invaded his mind almost compromising the plan, when Lady Macbeth stepped in and completed the plan mercilessly. As she finished the deed that Macbeth couldn’t carry out, (putting the daggers back with the servants), she compliments herself for being so brave and mentally stronger than some men. Macbeth, now known as King Macbeth, hires murderers to kill those that he feels will get in the way of him staying on the throne. He is firmly rumored or suspected to be a part of all the murders, including Lady Macbeth because of her assistance in the King Duncan …show more content…

Lady Macbeth’s gentlewoman is witness to these night time episodes that Lady Macbeth has, but she is loyal and will not repeat what is said during these episodes. She has though mentioned that Lady Macbeth walks around trying to wash her hands of the blood that she dreams stains her hands. Lady Macbeth is feeling guilty for having started Macbeth’s murdering spree with the initial murder she planned. As king and queen of Scotland, both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are not suitable. Lady Macbeth has become mad from her malefactions, which is not a fitting way for a queen to behave. Lady Macbeth specifically should be dethroned and hung immediately because of her unspeakable act of crime so that she doesn’t feel obligated to assists in any more murders due to her current mental

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