How Is Manifest Destiny Justified

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Manifest Destiny is justified,it was something that people thought they had to do, they thought that they had to expand west and spread their cultures and freedom all over the country.always a good thing. Sure, there were good things about it but that doesn't mean there weren't bad things as well. Manifest Destiny was something that revolutionized this country, there were more land for them to take over and there were more land to discover. More resources were found such as , plant, trees were and materials, Manifest Destiny was something Americans could take pride in. But only the Americans could take pride in it. The americans took land and gained new things but that wasn’t the only thing they took. Americans asked the natives to leave their land and
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Mexico had invited Americans to settle the area, but Americans quickly outnumbered mexican settlers. Then Mexico wanted to abolish slavery but Truman didn't want this to get in the way of the elections which he won so he took over other states to push them
Back. This was somewhat part of Manifest destiny, Justified, sort of, successful, yes.
Manifest Destiny was a political slogan used to unite the country behind an expansionist doctrine. Someone was going to take control over the areas in contention. No one at the time actually had control despite their claims.
Americans felt they had the right idea about how to do things and took control. It was obviously successful, except for the reconquista currently underway. Justified? only in the sense that, of the contenders, Americans were the most capable of bringing peace and prosperity to the regions in
i do believe that manifest destiny was justified, what they did was a good thing. that doesn't mean that it was all good but, if they didn't do it someone else would have. Traveling to the west helped

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