We Need To Raise Minimum Wage

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Imagine this… A single mother with 2 kids works endless hours to support her kids. She’s working everyday day and night only making $7.70 an hour. It's hard to support a family of three and work day and night. They’re barely sliding by with the bills and the groceries. She wishes that they would raise the minimum wage so that it would be easier for her to support her family and work out of debt. Most importantly have enough money to make sure that they can pay the bills. One of the kids is 16 years old and is helping the mother work to help support the family. They only have one car and live in a trailer. Only having one car forces the 16 year old kid to walk or take the bus to work. If they were to raise minimum wage their life would be so much easier , other families can benefit from this too. The government needs to raise minimum wage. If parents are getting underpaid how are they supposed to support their family. “High school kids were getting underpaid” (Patricia 1). They’re so easy to convince. Now they’ve raised minimum wage so that they’re making more money. It's also adults too. Kids aren’t the only ones getting underpaid. In 2010 minimum …show more content…

“Raising starting wages to $15 could price americans out of work” (Sherk). We need the unemployment rate to stay down, and pricing americans out of work is not going to help. Especially the people who are struggling. If the people who are struggling are getting put out of work their going to become homeless along with a whole bunch of other people. Some people are still making more than minimum wage, depending on the job like being a personal trainer etc. But the people working at fast food chains and gas stations are still making minimum wage. “More than 400,000 workers make less than $15 an hour” (Lanzinger). The people who make minimum wage need to make more. The more money they make the more money they can spend for groceries and other stuff that is required for

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