How To Write A Narrative Essay About Fishing

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“ZOINK!” One of my cousins pulled up a fish. I was on the shore with my fishing pole, and so were my cousins. We were at a campground with my dad’s side of the family.
We had started a tradition 1 year ago that we came to this campground every year. This year, we were doing a fishing contest. There were 4 awards: Biggest fish, smallest fish, most fish, and 1 other. I was going to try to catch the biggest fish, and not give up.
I cast my line out into the lake. I stared at the bobber, not taking my eye off of it.
“ZIP!” The bobber went under the water. I jerked the pole up and started reeling the fish in as quickly as I could.
“SPLASH!” The little fish I had caught popped out of the water like a cork. I took the fish off the hook and I brought it up for my grandpa to measure. …show more content…

I had started to walk down to the lake with the fish in a bucket when my little sister asked me if she could let my fish go.
“Sure,” I replied, and gave her the bucket.
We both walked to the shore. When we got there, she dumped the fish out. The fish swam frantically towards the weeds when 2 HUGE bass shot out and both lunged for the fish. One got there first and swallowed the fish whole. It swam slowly back to the weeds with the fish’s tail hanging out of its mouth. Then, I got an idea. I was going to use little fish as bait to catch the biggest fish.
After I caught another fish, I let it swim around the shore for a little bit. It swam closer and closer to the weeds, and then disappeared into them.
“YANK!” The pole bent down. I knew at once that I had a big fish. I yanked on the pole and reeled at the same time. But all of a sudden, the tension on the line was gone. I reeled in, and found that the little fish was still there, but not the big

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