How To Write An Argumentative Essay On Standardized Testing

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In Massachusetts, administering standardized tests is a fiercely debated topic that most students oppose. There is a widespread debate around whether or not taking standardized tests is valuable to students’ education. Especially in Massachusetts, many students find that standardized testing is invaluable and unfair. They believe that standardized tests are biased because only students who are skillful at taking tests will do well on these exams. However, this perspective is false. Students in Massachusetts should have to pass a statewide standardized test before graduating from high school because these tests prepare students for life beyond school, demonstrate students’ skills to college admissions boards, and improve the quality of education in school districts. Statewide standardized tests prepare students for the challenges of life outside school. First, these exams put undergraduates in uncomfortable situations by testing their knowledge of certain topics in different …show more content…

To start, colleges are very serious about testing scores, so testing sufficiently is essential. When starting the college admissions process, students want to have test scores and resumes that will hopefully guarantee admittance into certain schools. Second, colleges look at one’s evaluation grades to see if one is a good fit for the curriculum. If colleges have difficult programs, they will see if a student is able to handle the rigors of their assessments, and therefore standardized tests can reveal a natural fit for colleges. Lastly, standardized tests show whether one has adequate test-taking skills to pass one’s classes. In college, tests are a significant part of one’s grade for any given course, and if one is hoping to graduate with a degree, one needs to possess proficiency when taking an exam. Standardized testing helps colleges determine whether or not students are able to thrive in their

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