The Secret Life Of Bees By Sue Monk Kidd

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The Secret life of Bees, By: Sue Monk Kidd. This book is a tale of one girl and her troubled past, as she discovers the truth and the lies of her childhood, and the true meaning of family. Lily Owens has longed for a mother her whole life. living with her abusive father and her overpowered caretaker, Rosaleen. Her father T. Ray an arrogant peach farmer is a bitter and ruthless man who will stop at nothing to make sure that he is feared and respected.
“ you listen to me,” he said his voice dead calm. “The truth is your sorry mother ran off and left you. The day she died she’d come back to get her things thats all. (Kidd p.39)”
This quotation shows that T. Ray has no intentions of sugar coating things and maybe deep down he wants her to feel pain of knowing that her mother left him and her, and showed no …show more content…

(Kidd p.279)”
She is overcome by the truth of her mothers death knowing that she was the hand that ended her mothers life even as a baby. Lily finds herself in deep valleys of self pity and grief, but she also is on mountain tops of joy that this family brings to her. Speaking from personal experience losing people that are close to you hurts, but over time everything gets easier to cope with and to live with that emptiness but it is never gone. I think as the book goes on Lily learns to live with the fact the her mother and May gone and never coming back. This book puts you back in time so you can learn how people were treated, and how people lived. I think this book is a learning experience and has many good factors in its overall story. You learn the true meaning of family and love. I do wish that in the beginning the story would have gotten to the journey a bit quicker, and that the plot twist had happened sooner, but over all the book is a well written tale of self discovery and the true meaning of

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