Identity And Identity In Sonny's Blues By James Baldwin

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So, what makes a person themself? Children are very influential, and many factors of daily life can impact the construction of their identity. “Sonny’s Blues,” a short story by James Baldwin, highlights the endeavors of an African American boy on the path to finding his true self. Although there are countless influences on Sonny’s identity, the circumstances that his parents place him in as a child are the largest impacts on his road to finding his identity. Parent’s cannot predetermine the identity of their children, but circumstances such as the environment, quality of education, and social class that children are born into are the main influences in the construction of their identity.
Some may argue that the opinions and ideas of parents are the most important contribution to their children’s identity. This could hold true when it comes to raising a child because “parents want to do what’s best” (Chua 3). Parents often attempt instilling good character values and life lessons in their children, and children can benefit greatly from these attempts, even if they do grow up in a lower class family that lives in an impoverished area. In “Sonny’s Blues,” Sonny’s had the dream of becoming a jazz musician and his father had a different plan for Sonny. Sonny’s father did not express that plan in a sensitive way, and he causes Sonny to rethink his decision of whether he should follow his dream. Although children can have their own dreams and ambitions, they often want to please

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