Identity Crisis In The Color Of Water By James Mcbride

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Have you ever felt that you didn’t know what type of person you were, or maybe have even felt like you were going through an identity crisis? In the book The Color of Water, by James McBride, the main character, James, has the struggles of having to realize who he is and where he fits into the world. The main issue he has is that he is black, but his mom is white, and at first he doesn’t understand why. James goes through an identity crisis because of his race, his life on the streets, and living in a world run by whites. In the beginning of the book, James finds that he is often embarrassed by his mother, Ruth, due to the fact that she is the only white in a black community. After her second husband dies, Ruth copes with it by riding a bicycle around town, which embarrasses James even …show more content…

It also helps them realize that they have made mistakes in the past where they wish that they would have listened to their parents’ advice. Even though he wished that his parents would have had a different parenting style, Bonestroo has often respected their decisions and beliefs. “There was never really a time I wish I had listened to my parents,” Bonestroo said. “I usually listened to what they told me to do.” Because of this, Bonestroo never got into big trouble in school or other areas of life. It has also helped him become very successful in life, as he is now a pastor at Alton Reformed Church in Alton, Iowa. Now having four children, Bonestroo has made time to spend with them so that he can be a good father to them. “I don’t think that the way I parent my children is similar to the way that my parents raised me and my siblings,” Bonestroo said. He would like to have spent enough time with his kids before they are off to college, especially with his two oldest in high school, and his third getting ready for high

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