'Illusion In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451'

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Adriana Hidalgo
Mr. Madin
5th of January 2016
The absence of love, happiness and the distraction provided by technology harms human life in a way that many would agree that it harms humans more than it benefits them. The illusion of a perfect society can anesthetize people from what makes them human–their feelings expressed towards one another. In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, denying one's feelings can lead to sadness and depression which is a perfect reason why people in the society of 451 commit suicide.The illusion of happiness experienced by Montag, the protagonist of the story, Millie, Montag's wife, and everyone else in this society makes them oblivious about the unhappiness and emptiness in their lives causing them to act numb towards one another. The loss of feelings and sympathy contributes to the illusion of a perfect world where people are “happy”. This is a world where the only way to fill up emptiness is by using technology as a distraction from reality and the dissimulation that there is nothing wrong.
The use of technology in the world of 451 is the main distraction for the deterioration of people's feelings. Technology is proven to distract people from everything else going on in their lives because it's so addicting. In the world of 451 …show more content…

Relationships such as Montag’s and Mildred’s were based on nothing but the illusion of love because neither of them showed emotion or affection towards one another. With the help of technology, it was possible for people to distract themselves from the unhappiness in their lives and also proved why relationships like Montag’s were ruined. Along with the help of technology it was also very clear the dissimulation of euphoria only hurt people rather than made their lives better. It is proven that it is better to face reality rather than defying

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