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Imperialism is not a new concept by any means to the human race. This form of movement has not only made many great empires rise to greatness, but have also made many fall (Roman). At many points in history the drive for imperialism was the only aspect some nations had in common (Cohen). Imperialism is simply the expanding of one’s power and influence by the complete taking over of other’s financial markets, industry, and abilities to be themselves. The Roman people did not begin as a powerful and dominate nation much less an empire. “Their willingness to adapt to the changing society of modern weapons, warfare and governmental control drove them to the top of the so called food chain of there time” (Hadas). Advances in Roman weaponry gave …show more content…

Industry is a goldmine for countries today and its wealth is up to grabs per say. Terror groups have captured some of the oil industry and have gained wealth to spread imperialism to their enemies. This is one example of industrial elements of imperialism in our present world. America is consistently trying to spread their influence upon others with propaganda, yellow journalism, and wealth much like the Spanish-American War. The Great nation of China is one of the most imperialistically sound countries in the world. The spread of their economic and political dominance in america is outlandishly pethic. The push for imperialism has started to become one of the biggest enemies of the greatest nations that have ever existed. The roman empire was overthrown due to the poor decisions of their leaders (Potter). China has accumulated so much debt in the strive to spread their power it has actually come to hurt them. If the nation of China falls America will be in a hopeless stage of no return. American leadership has fallen and just like the Roman Empire fell America’s time is very soon. The U.S still pushes for the best of the best in technology, man power, wealth and security of its nation but has found themselves on a fast moving downward fall to catastrophic disaster. The Roman Empire, Spanish-American War, and the men and regions who had the desire to spread their own influences to other people and places were all classified under the same movement. This influential movement throughout the course of history is known as Imperialism which is still in a growing process in modern day

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