Classical Athens Dbq Essay

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The birthplace of democracy: A look into the life Aristotle once said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Athens was established in 3000 BC, while Sparta was respectively established in 431 BC. Athens was also referred to as the “birthplace of democracy,” a government system still in use today! Athens was a superior city state over Sparta. This is because of Athenian cultural achievements, government and social climate. Athens had better cultural achievements. “The myths continued to be popular through the centuries, and major public buildings such as the Parthenon at Athens, the Temple of Zeus at Olympia, and the Temple to Apollo at Delphi were decorated with larger-than-life sculpture representing celebrated …show more content…

“Education was very important in Athens. From their mothers, girls learned how to cook and sew and run a home, and how to be a good wife and mother. Boys went to school. They studied public speaking and drama and reading and writing. Sons of nobles went to high school for four more years of learning about the sciences and the arts and politics and government.” (Doc B) Due to the fact that Athens taught women basic domestic skills this allowed men to focus on the advancement of the economic climate, such as trade on the Aegean Sea because they didn’t need to worry about their homes. “Finally, the citizen boys entered a military training camp for two years, until the age of twenty. Foreign metics and slaves were not expected to attain anything but a basic education in Greece, but were not excluded from it either.” (Doc H) The significance of Athenian men receiving army training as well as an education allowed for not only the bettering of their military, (which due to their location by the Aegean Sea had one of the strongest Navies in Ancient Greece) it also let them have knowledge in the arts and philosophy, this makes me want to live in Athens because I would know that i would be protected and the economy of my city state would be stable. Although Sparta may have some advantages over Athens, Athens was better prepared and knowledgeable over Sparta. In light of the evidence provided, Athens truly was the most impactful

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