In Flannery O 'Connor's A Good Man Is Hard To Find'

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Blas Ramirez English 1302 Mrs. Drake-Thomas February 5, 2016 A Good Man is Hard to Find What is the definition of good? The dictionary defines it as morally excellent, virtuous, righteous, and pious. In “A good man is hard to find”, Red Sammy, the owner of a BBQ restaurant called The Tower says, “Everything is getting terrible. I remember the day you could go off and leave your screen door unlatched. Not no more.” (43) In Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”, O’Connor expresses the elusive definition of a good man. O’Connor’s view is greatly defined by her personal history, culture, prominent use of symbolism and heavy characterizations of Red Sammy, Bailey, Grandmother, and the Misfit. “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”, …show more content…

Red Sammy is the owner of the BBQ place “The Tower”; this is where the grandma and her family go to eat before facing their demise. Red Sammy and the grandma get along very well, speaking about the past and how much better life was in their time. Red Sammy then asks Bailey why he would let two strangers charge their gasoline and the grandmother replies, “He did it because he is a good man. In this case, her definition of “good” seems to include gullibility, poor judgment, and blind faith, none of which are inherently “good”. The grandmother’s disparate application of the label “good man” reveals that “good” doesn’t imply moral or kind. For the grandmother, a man is a “good man” if his values are aligned with her own. Another example of the word good being used with a different meaning Is when the grandma applies the label “good” to the Misfit (The wanted banded in the story), She applies this label for her own intentions and believes he too shares the same morals as her. “He wouldn’t shoot a lady” is what the grandma told the misfit naively but to her surprise the misfit is only good at one thing and that’s his consistency in living out his moral code of “no pleasure but meanness.” After realizing that she cant get through the misfits head and he doesn’t believe in not shooting a lady she abruptly throws her hat to showing a sign of defeat knowing that she will not make

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