Insanity In Hamlet

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I don't think you fully understood what I was trying to point out with my quote so let me explain it to you a little simpler. I meant that the sheer thought of Claudius and him mom led his mind toward the thought of his father. Whether he was daydreaming or not it still shifted his attention towards his father. Also the quote you used was Hamlet saying he will never see his father again. So if you use that quote claiming he will never see his father again how would you explain the scenes with the ghost, who looks exactly like his father. I am not going to provide a quote to disprove your theory, but instead you can just search for any scene where Hamlet is interacting with the ghost, and he essentially believe he is seeing and following his …show more content…

No sane person would do such a thing. So yes I did not prove that dragging his body off stage was an act of insanity but I will be glad to explain it to you right now. Do you think Shakespeare made a mistake by not closing the curtain on the scene, but instead he chose to end it by Hamlet dragging Polonius's body off stage? I think not. He man handled his victim, who is the father of the woman he loves. He treated Polonius like a butcher would treat a piece of meat. If that's the way a sane person acts then maybe you should look up what insane means. Another thing is the second quote you used to try and disprove my theory is not strong enough. I'm sorry if someone has to say that they are not crazy, they are crazy. Plus how can we even trust whatever Hamlet has to say, if he is in fact such a good actor. He could have just been acting when he said he is not mad; or he could have just believed he was not mad because he was doing such a good job of acting he believed that he was sane. Have you never seen people do something so insane and for them to say "Hey, I'm not crazy" would you take their word for

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