Who Is The Antagonist In The Raven

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The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe is known as one of the most popular pieces in literature in history. The story of the raven recalls a man who fell asleep while reading, the man who is also the narrator of the story, finds himself in deep grief after the death of his beloved lost love, Lenore. The narrator then gets scared when a wing blows on the curtains, and to combat it he believes it's just a visitor at his door and calls out to it. When he hears no response he continues to staring into darkness and the whispers "Lenore", and the "Lenore" is echoed back. He then hears a tapping at his window and decides to explore the noise, he really wants to believe it's just the wind. As he opens the window, a black ravens swarms inside and sits himself on a bust of Pallas. …show more content…

The narrator is amazed by the bird as he then repeats "nevermore", he attempts to figure out why the bird says the same word over and over again, he creates a possible story that the bird might have escaped from his master who died at sea. He narrator continues to stare at the bird, who looks back at him with black, and feel like they burn his heart, his recalls how he will nevermore see his love Lenore. He tries every thought that comes to mind, the arrival of angels, forgetting his sorrows, he can't find the ravens purpose. The raven says "nevermore", but the narrator has one more question, will he see Lenore in heaven? The response "nevermore". The narrator asks the bird to leave and the bird says "nevermore", the raven overshadows the narrator as he falls into madness and never sees happiness

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