Is Macbeth Power Hungry

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Macbeth was the greatest king that ever lived and that anyone could have asked for to run their kingdom, yeah right. Macbeth was this lunatic crazed man who kills everyone that he doesn't think is trust worthy. Macbeth is so power hungry that he doesn't even care if his wife just died because in the book he says “ It was going to happen sooner or later”, like wow thats how he honestly feels all because he is the King and can do whatever if he puts his faith into the witches, but seriously Macbeth is no where near the greatest king that ever lived, I wouldn't even have this man take care of my turtles.
The reason why Macbeth killed Duncan was because the three witches foretold him that he was going to be king and was enhanced to a further situation …show more content…

So since Macbeth was king he took it upon himself to have Macduff family slaughtered, Macduff wasn't to happy when he received the news so Macduff and Malcolm created a army that was so good that they camouflage themselves as branches and trees. They eventually made there way up to the feet of King Macbeth. Young Sidward steps up and tries to fight Macbeth first and Young Sidward gets killed. Macbeth is feeling really confident because the witches foretold him that anyone born by a woman couldn’t harm him, so in his head Macbeth is thinking I don't have anything to worry about until Macduff tells Macbeth he was a C section and all of Macbeth confidence drained out of his body. Macduff killed Macbeth and proved it to all by decapitating Macbeth.
My conclusion to this story is that Macbeth is the bad guy in story but he didn't start off as the evil villain until he mentioned to his wife about the withes telling him that he would be king, after Lady Macbeth received this information from her husband Macbeth she decided to take it upon herself to persuade her husband into killing the king but the original plan was that Lady Macbeth was going to kill the King Duncan but she couldn’t because King Duncan reminded her of her father. So moral of the story is don't get power hungry and start

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