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A long way gone, memoirs of a boy soldier, written by Ishmael Beah, the main character himself, is #1 on my list of recommended books for young adults. Through the touching first-person narration, the brutally honest journey has the ability to change an individual. Themes of childhood, war and humanity brings the story to life and has the power to spur growth in readers. Your children will look at the world in a more mature perspective after the eye opening read of the story of Ishmael Beah.

Ishmael Beah was only 12 years old when he was first exposed to war, trapped in the Sierra Leone civil war. He was one of the countless victims that were forced to flee their homes and fight for survival. As Ishmael was separated from most of his family, he desperately clung on to his childhood and said, “When I get a chance to observe the moon now, I still see those same images I saw when I was six, and it pleases me to know that part of my childhood is still embedded in me” (Beah 7). The importance of childhood is evident when we are told a story from an individual who has lost his. I believe everyone needs to be reminded of the importance of childhood. The emotional, physical and social developments from one’s childhood experiences can determine the kind of adult an individual will be. Children thrive under support and guidance. Parents are their role models and children are influenced by all …show more content…

A long way gone, despite being a story of destruction, ends on a positive note of rehabilitation. Through UNICEF, an organization that fights for the lives of children, Ishmael was slowly healed, gaining back his humanity and learning to forgive himself. I believe that any student will benefit enormously from reading this story. A true story, told from the heart is hard to find. Giving readers hope that the situation can be improved and change can happen is the perfect ending to an emotional story, filled with realistic hate and

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