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Alina Swanson
Period 2
Mrs. Broad
September 30, 2016

Isopod Lab

This lab is used to see if and how many of the Isopods like the light or the dark. Isopods also known as pill-bugs, roll into a ball when felt threatened. Isopods are very similar in body types as lobster, crabs, and shrimp. They all have compound eyes and antennae, but still sometimes do not always look alike. Isopods can be as long as 500 millimeters and can live as long as 4 years. Their body has 3 part; the head, thorax, and abdomen. They are often caught from the wild. Due to being caught in the wild, Isopods are often found living under rocks, logs, leaves, lakes, rivers, and streams. Isopods can hermaphroditic which is being both girl and guy, meaning they do not need a mate to produce offspring. Isopods can be born a male then change to a female later on in life. Isopods eat fungi and decaying plant matter.
Experimental Design:
Testable Question: How will the isopods react to different lighting conditions?
Independent Variable: Lighting condition
Dependent Variable: How the isopods will react
Scotch Blue Tape
8 ounce water …show more content…

Based on the data, it was learned that the isopods do not appear that they differentiate between light and dark. After conducting the experiment new questions arose; Is there a maximum period of time the isopods can be in the light and dark?, and Does the type of light have an effect on where the isopods prefer to be? Some improvements that could be made are more isopods, bigger testing chambers, better means of darkness, and a less and more intense light. Another improvement that could be made is test different intensities of darkness and lightness. There were no apparent weaknesses in the experimental design. In conclusion, the isopods appear to not be sensitive to the light or the

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