Jane Addams Impact On American Society

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Progressive Americans

Main Concept
During the Progressive Era, several key Americans have a profound impact on American society moving forward.

Jane Addams
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, America saw one of the largest booms in immigration in the history of the nation.

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Addams, responding to the needs of immigrant women, opened the "Hull House" in Chicago - which spread to other cities as well.

The Hull House was a "Settlement House" which would take you in, teach you a skill (job), and the culture of the American society.

Addams wanted to focus on women due to the fact that men were targeted for industrial work almost immediately upon arrival into the United States.

William Jennings Bryan
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Farmers often were not making any money at all - since the rates to ship their crops back East cost so much.

Bryan was the champion for the Populist cause. Bryan would run for office in 1896 - losing the presidential election to William McKinley. However, the point of Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech had been heard - and the farmers would benefit as a result.

John Dewey
Dewey, an educator at heart, wanted schools to be set up to learn by experience. Cooperative learning, group work, hands-on learning was at the root of Dewey's system.

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No longer would only the elite (the wealthy) go to school. Now, skills would be taught that would allow the learner to enter the workplace. This revolutionized the purpose of education.

Robert LaFollette
"Fighting Bob" was the governor of the state of Wisconsin, and later a United States Senator.

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LaFollette formed the Progressive Party in 1924. He was anti-Trust (monopolies) and big business. This followed the Teddy/Taft/Wilson years and actually made the Progressive Party a political force in America.

LaFollette served in many ways as a watchdog for the

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