Jean Piaget's Theory Of Human Development

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As a science, psychology studies human development to understand how the psychology of the individual changes as it grows up during all his lifespan. Since the brain change became bigger, makes more synapses ,continuous the myelinization in early childhood but slower than the infancy stage with important neurological landmarks end in this stage too (Boyd, 2012).
Consequently, the brain is the main part of the human cognitive development and cognitive theories.
Jean Piaget is one of the scientists that mentioned on the cognitive theory on human development and the cognitive processes that needs an individual to learn. According to him in preoperational stage, from 18 months to 24 months, children gain a function called semiotic and this function is about to recognizes that an object or behavior can stand for something different (Boyd, 2012).
Despite the difficulty on logic thinking, kids find a way to communicate via symbols and recognize models, maps, graphic symbols like letters and at the age of 2 starts to pretend in the playtime (Walker-Andrews & Kahana-Kalman, 1999). Next characteristic of a child in preoperational stage is egocentrism.In this situation they only see from one point of view, at their own (Piaget, 1954 in Boyd, D. & Bee, H. (2012)).The children believes that everyone sees the word like they do. A child in the preoperational stage can 't understand that all the individuals see the world different from one another (Piaget, 1954). Unfortunately, there some

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