Jeffrey Dahmer's Killer

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One of the most famous stories of Milwaukee’s notorious killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, occurred in 1991.
A boy was discovered wandering the streets drugged and confused, he was 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone. The two women that found him called 911; however Dahmer chased after his victim and stated to the police that he was his 19-year-old boyfriend. Without a sex offender background check or age verification, the police handed Sinthasomphone back over to Dahmer. Later that same night, Dahmer killed and dismembered Sinthasomphone and kept his skull as a souvenir (¨Jeffrey Dahmer¨).
Leading up to this was a series of events throughout his childhood and early adulthood that ultimately resulted in the creation of this killer. Having a mother with …show more content…

Due to his low tolerance of frustration, he would take it out as physical torture to fulfill his sexual desires. Although Dahmer himself has said before he did not mean to hurt anyone, he always had to be in control. Besides sadism, Dahmer partook in necrophilia. Necrophilia is having a sexual attraction to corpses (Berger). Dahmer indulged in sexual activities with at least five of his victims. Although his sexual fantasies were not the only things wrong with him, he was also a cannibal. Cannibalism is the act or practice of humans eating flesh or internal organs of other human beings (Berger). Dahmer would keep the organs of his victims stored in mason jars or plastic bags, and then put them in the fridge to preserve them. He made artwork out of his victims bodies, whether it was by carving and hollowing them out, skinning them, or just dismembering them. He would typically try to rip out their organs and eat them. This was done to over eight of his seventeen victims (“Jeffrey …show more content…

Dahmer, being eighteen at the time, saw Hicks and offered him a ride. He then took him back to his house, where they consumed a few drinks. After a while, Hicks had said he wanted to go, and that lead to his death. As a justifiable reason to hit Hicks over the head with a barbell and choke him, Dahmer claimed, “The guy wanted to leave. And I didn’t want him to leave” (“Heads in the freezer horror of America’s CANNIBAL PSYCHOPATH”). After Hicks was dead, Dahmer cut up his body and crammed it into little bags. Loading them into the trunk of his car and heading for the dump, he was pulled over by the police. He was asked to take a breathalyser for his reckless driving, and the fact that the officer smelled something strange on him. After all was said and done, Dahmer was free to go with only a ticket of careless driving, leaving the murder of Hicks unknown (“Heads in the freezer horror of America’s CANNIBAL

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