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Born on the fourth of April, 1889, a boy by the name of Adolf Hitler would one day be known around the world as one of the most evil dictators to have ever lived. Adolf’s early youth seemed to have been highly influenced by his father until his death in 1903, after which he began to exhibit rebellious behavior. He started to fail in school and eventually quit formal education all together in 1905 and started exploring the depths of his artistic levels. In 1907, when his mother died, he moved to Vienna, planning to enrol in a famed academy of fine arts. He was rejected admission that year and the next thus leading him to a deep depression as he began to drift away from his friends. Suddenly he was caught up and had an interest in mass political manipulation and anti-Semitism. Soon Hitler had hoped on the train and developed the extreme anti-Semitism racial view that remained the fixation to his own ideology …show more content…

Laws and policies that discriminated against African Americans seemed small and of unimportance to the rest of America but degraded the blacks as human beings. The same thing was happening in Germany with the Jews at the same time. The United States were beginning to create what was called the Jim Crow Laws. These laws were essentially a list that varied from state to state, of all the things that African Americans were not aloud to do and all the places that they weren't allowed to go and even things that they weren’t allowed to say. Some of these laws were about marriages between whites and Negroes being illegal, how it was unlawful to conduct a restaurant or serve food where white and colored people are served in the same room, and schools for white and black children were to be conducted separately. In 1927, Chicago adopted racially restrictive housing covenants, much like the ghettos that the Jews were forced to make and live

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