John Lennon Research Paper

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What is leadership? Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill, regarding the ability of an individual or organization to “lead” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. This is just a definition of general leadership but how does one simply define an ethical leader? Sounds like a question for a philosopher doesn’t it? An ethical leader relates to morals and values people have individually. In other words of leadership, Leading by example and other people following because they believe in what they are doing is right. In today’s society I often find it hard to find a leader who is reliable and ethical. Who I admire most is John Lennon, because he is a very positive with his power as a celebrity. John Lennon is an ethical leader with his uniqueness and he tried his best to spread the word about truth by using his musical talents and his overall love for humanity. John had similar traits to Martin Luther …show more content…

Ralph is a very unique character and obviously the most effective leader there is. Ralph stands out from the other boys he is surrounded by on the island with him, he always has the Conch so he can gather meetings and discuss how to survive and what’s going down, Ralph also gives the conch to the boys if they wish to speak and he listens to what they have to say sometimes if it’s necessary. Ralph also stands up for himself. Without negotiating, Bravery, and confidence Ralph would probably not be voted leader of the island. Confidence, Ralph always reminds himself that he is the chief, and does what everything in his power that everything is alright. Bravery, Ralph shows this trait when he went in first to find the beastie in their castle, leading jack in their as well. Ralph also negotiated with Jack when he was voted leader, he suggests that Jack and his choir boys are hunters and Jack agreed so even though he wanted to be

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