John Proctor's Honor In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Julius Caesar once said, “I love the name of honor, more than I fear death”. When Caesar said that, he stated that there may be moments in a person's life where their honor is questioned, but in the end, only the person who would die to preserve their good name are truly worth honoring. Arthur Miller use The Crucible to portray John Proctor as an honorable man who made a few mistakes to have people question his honor. In The Crucible, John Proctor is shown to be a respectable, honest, and kind hearted man. There are many ways John Proctor is represented to be a respectable man throughout the play. Hale wants Danforth to accept Proctor’s confession because Hale believes that Proctor is a good man and he respects him along with the majority of the Salem community, therefore he wants Proctor to live. Hale also knows that Proctor is doing the right thing by not confessing and preserving his good name, so he respects john Proctor even more for dying for what he really stands for. Even though Proctor did cheat on his wife, Elizabeth, she recognizes that John feels awful about what he has done and …show more content…

He shows this by ripping up the confession paper that he signed that would be hung on the church doors to maintain his purity. He would still be respected by not having his name displayed in a bad way for the entire town of Salem to see because he wants the town to know the truth about him; that he was innocent. Also, by not hanging, people would see that John really does care about his name and isn’t willing to lie just to save his life. John wished to preserve his good name, but he was willing to put a dent in it in able to expose Abigail of being a whore. Proctor also knew that he would be hanged, so he wanted to put everything out on the table and didn’t hide anything from the community when he died. John Proctor is an honest man, by telling the truth for the greater good no matter what position he is

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