Judith Ortiz Cofer's The Myth Of The Latin Woman

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Generalizations take after specific individuals for the duration of their lives. Judith Ortiz Cofer is a Latina who has been stereotyped and she delineates this in her article, "The myth of the Latin lady: I just met a young lady named Maria." Cofer depicts how pernicious generalizations can really be. Perusers can understand Cofer 's message through the numerous explanatory interests she employments. Cofer utilizes moral and, enthusiastic interest to communicate as the need should arise to others that the generalizations of Hispanic ladies can have negative impacts. Cofer utilizes moral interest to depict her Hispanic childhood. Growing up as a young lady Cofer was instructed to dress a specific path on account of her Hispanic culture and now and again it was confounded, "... Puerto Rican moms likewise urged their little girls to act and look like woman...". Young ladies were raised to act and look more developed than they really were. Cofer was then trailed by the Hispanic generalization that Latin ladies are extremely …show more content…

In "The Myth of the Latin Woman", Ortiz Cofer utilizes logos to speak to her audiences presence of mind, particularly by referring to cases from her life. In the story, she demonstrates to us readers that as a result of a Latina 's decision to wear "tight skirts and jingling wrist trinkets… " (Ortiz Cofer), and in addition red instead of pale pink, they are characteristically thought of as searing sex images. Ortiz Cofer gives another case of the stereotyping she encountered when she states, "I recollect the kid who took me to my first formal move hanging over to plant a messy, over-excited kiss agonizingly on my mouth; when I didn 't react with an adequate energy, he commented angrily 'I thought you Latin young ladies should develop early" ' (Ortiz Cofer). This illustration demonstrates that basically in light of the fact that she was a Latina, the kid stereotyped her and expected it is adequate to give her

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