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Book Title: Road to Purpose Author: Kenneth E. Behring Publishing Year: Blackhawk Press-2004 General Description: The book Road To Purpose is all about the story of Kenneth E. Behring on achieving his goals. It has been told here the things that he did to be one of the Forbes 400 richest man in US. Chapter Summary: Chapter One: My First Wheels Kenneth E. Behring or Ken was born June 13, 1928. He woke up in a family of poverty. His dad Elmer working on the lumberyard of his uncle with 25 cents per hour. His mother Mae was cleaning house of their neighbor and do laundry jobs for extra income. Because of poverty, Ken was exposed to different jobs. At the age of 10, he started to work and at the age of 12 he worked at the lumberyard of his …show more content…

He participated hundreds of distribution. His groups went to the different parts of the world, from Africa to China and other parts of Asia, from Europe to Russia, Middle East and Latin America. Whenever they go, they had only one dream-to give hope to people. Chapter 10: Finding Your Purpose Time will come we will be feeling void in our heart. A void that needs to be filled and the thing that we could feel is our purpose. So, how do we find our purpose? Very simple, open your heart and listen to your heart. Concluding Paragraph: The purpose of life is a life of purpose. It’s where you do things that satisfy you. After reading Road to Purpose I realized that duty and purpose is not the same. Duty is doing or rendering service to the others because they want it or because it is right. While purpose as what I have said, it is where you satisfy yourself. Joy comes from giving without expecting anything in return. Even if the only thing you get back is your own satisfaction, nothing compares with the feeling of knowing that someone else’s life is a little better because of your effort. In life it’s so hard to find the real contentment, because sometimes we never

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