Killing Lincoln Summary

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Lincoln predicts his own death in the interpretation of his dream using the Freudian dream theory that determines the manifest (factual) content of a dream and the latent (to be interpreted) content. This same theory can be applied to the story told in Killing Lincoln. The manifest content of the book clearly acknowledges Lincoln 's brilliance, Grant 's military excellence, and Booth 's underdeveloped plan. However, the latent content leaves the meaning and intention of the book to be interpreted by the reader. In reading the book, it is clear that Bill O 'Reilly wishes to convey to the reader the give-and-take relationship that comes with a free society and how the good and evil people within the society shape how we view the United States government. This truth allows the reader to understand that with their civil liberties comes the need of awareness and discernment. In a free and liberated society we have the ability to decide our own actions and beliefs with little government interference. It 's not illegal to …show more content…

America 's versatility is its greatest strength, but how it is interpreted by its citizens is what causes conflict. As an American citizen, I am able to enjoy the liberties granted to me by the United States Constitution. I am allowed to speak freely and bear arms. However, I am not able to use these liberties to impeach other 's. It is important to remember that there is a relationship between good and evil, and both will continue to be present in our society; and in becoming an effective member of society, I must understand this and consistently acknowledge it in my own life. When deciding how I want to vote and run my own life, I can 't go with the path that guarantees no hardships because no such path exists, and one advertised as such is lying. The ability the book have given me to understand the fundamental relationship between good and evil in a society that I take part of will help me become a more well-rounded and excellent contributor

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