Compare The Challenges Faced By US Soldiers In The Korengal Valley

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Afghanistan’s Death Valley Deployment “I don’t do this for the medals or awards, I do this for my country and the men next to me.”-Sgt. Restrepo ( For a couple years U.S navy seals and marines have been fighting in the Korengal valley in Afghanistan. This has affected our culture by remembering the ones who were brave and gave their lives for us. Bravery is something that’s very hard to do. But many U.S. soldiers in the Korengal Valley were very brave. That’s what this essay is about. Just The Beginning The Korengal Valley was one of the most dangerous places on the planet. There were many firefights, traps, and surprise attacks. Many U.S. soldiers were even scared to leave …show more content…

outpost base was taken over and raided by heavy taliban forces. It was in the middle of they day when the Taliban surprised attacked the U.S. outpost. The Taliban were firing everything they had at the outpost. One man who had survived the attack said “We were never shot at within 2 weeks. So we knew the next time they hit us it’s going to be hard.” ( The Taliban were trying to get inside the outpost but they couldn’t do the Americans heavy machine guns. Eventually more and more U.S. troops were dying and one Heavy machine gun that guarded the entry way to the outpost the man that was shooting it was shot and killed. One marine named Franklin Duffle was not going to let the Taliban into the outpost. He started shooting at the Taliban while The remaining marines could escape. He was shot in the arm and in the leg, but he still kept fighting. He then was shot in the chest and died. The Taliban shot down the door and got into the base. They took everything possible that was left at the base. Later that night after the Taliban left, the Americans got the news that the outpost was down and they sent a helicopter to look for survivors. They found Duffles body and marines told them what he had did to save the others. He was later awarded the medal of

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