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Macbeth... the valiant warrior who turned against himself due to an inner greediness for power. It all starts at the beginning when he gets “promoted” to Thane of Cawdor because of his excellent fighting skills and bravery in battle. Then if that’s not enough the three witches tell him he will be king. With the taste of power he has now gotten through his promotion, he can’t help but take what the witches say to heart. He wants more, he wants it faster: he continues to be impatient and eventually his “vaulting ambition o’erleaps itself and falls on thy other” (1.7.26-28). In this case, his ambition is his greed are one and the same thing. He can’t differentiate between those two values. This is the largest factor that leads to his downfall. He stays on the “path for power” and eventually this warrior with a good soul turns into a bloodthirsty tyrant willing to kill anybody who defy him. …show more content…

the woman who had the world turn against her. She was one of the catalyst’s for Macbeth’s killing of Duncan. She longed to be the wife of a King... Queen, but knowing her husband she realized it would never happen without some persuasion. So she basically bullied Macbeth into it. What she saw as an achievement at the time actually turned out to be a curse. Her actions “create” the bloodthirsty tyrant that Macbeth has become toward the end of the play. She sees how she changed him... he kills for fun now: men, women, and children. Her greediness in the beginning turned into feelings of anxiety and extreme stress. Her bouts of sleepwalking become worse and worse, and when she “can’t get the blood off her hands,” she commits suicide. The world was hers, then it all slipped away, slowly, painfully, until everything appeared to be gone except for her sins. A world corrupted against

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