Lancelot And Gawain In Sir Thomas Malory's Morte D Arthur

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Lancelot and Gawain are two knightly figures in Sir Thomas Malory's Morte D'arthur. However, reading through the section in class, there is some evidence that shows that Sir Gawain is the bigger man compared to Sir Lancelot. For instance, in Guinevere’s presence, Sir Lancelot becomes instantly distracted and starts swooning. For instance, there is a part where Sir Lancelot is so crazy in love with Guinevere he almost falls out a window. However, Gawain comes to the rescue. Compared to Gawain, Lancelot is easily influenced by his emotions. Another example is when Lancelot asks Guinevere for a kiss after she told him she was becoming a nun. He disrespected her wish to leave her past behind and had the audacity to ask for something so selfish.

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