Letter From Birmingham Jail Logos

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The Wait is Over Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most influential civil right activist, not only appeals to the logical side of his audience, but he is also reaching out to their emotional side. King wrote “Letter from Birmingham Jail” after being arrested for leading a peaceful demonstration against segregation. King responded back to the eight Alabama clergymen who did not agree with his actions. He makes it clear to the clergymen that they cannot keep telling African-Americans to “wait.” While rereading, I had the time to admire King's use of logos and pathos. King wrote back to the clergymen in disappointment because of the actions that were taking place in Birmingham. He knew that trying to negotiate with the government was pointless …show more content…

I agree with him that unjust laws are giving a false idea of superiority and just laws as something that will uplift other personalities, he states, “any law that degrades human personality is unjust. All segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality” (King 3). This is important because he wants to informs his brothers and sisters that the government shouldn’t just focus only on themselves but think of the communities around them. For instance, King states “all sorts of devious methods are used to prevent negroes from becoming registered voters,” which in some countries African-Americans make up most of the populations yet their rights are taken away. Through the use of logos; the appeal to logic, King mentions, “I have been arrested on a charge of parading without a permit..” (King 4), which in the first amendment to the constitution, states anyone in the U.S has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and protest. King is not trying to change the laws, he just wants the government to be reasonable. Even with all of that he is facing, King provides the audience with Three Ways of Meeting

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