Lincoln Movie Essay

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Lincoln was the 16th president of USA who was serving from March 1861 until his death in April 1865. United States was led by Abraham Lincoln through its civil war and political crises. In doing so he protected union, abolish slavery, stronger the capital government and save the economy.
This film is dedicated to the work and struggle of Abraham Lincoln for the United State of America. The film has the following characters Private Harold Green, Abraham Lincoln, Corporal Era Clark, Marry Tod Lincoln, Elizabeth Checkley, William Seward, John Nicolay, Mr. and Mrs. Jolly, Montgomery Blair, Preston Blair, Gideon Welles, James Speed, Edwin Stanton, John Usher, James Ashley.
The movie started with the scene of war. The battle was between white and black soldiers killing each other while it was raining. We see soldiers talking Lincoln, who is setting as it rains in front of soldier. Then a row of dialogues between Abraham Lincoln and the soldier Private Harold Green took …show more content…

Lincoln talked to Miss Jolly that we are proposing a 13th amendment to the constitution that will end slavery and war from the country. Lincoln was in the Preston Blair House to lend his support to the amendment. Montgomery Blair said that we are anti-slavery party but what we will get if we support you. Lincoln replied that you will get a peace full country.
There was a cabinet assembled in the white house in which Stanton was holding the war map. They were talking about the strategies that how they can tackle the rebels. Then John Usher interrupted by asking why you are not concentrating the nation attention towards the Wilmington? Why instead we are talking about anti-slavery amendment. Abraham Lincoln then talked about a 77-year-old women who murdered her husband. I expected that she has killed me If I will get over

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