Literacy In Three Metaphors Analysis

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In “Literacy in Three Metaphors,” Sylvia Scribner tries to define and explain what literacy really is. Scribner says that literacy as a notion may be defined in many different ways, and I agree with this statement. She states that it depends on a particular society and certain standards of this society. Scribner offers the solution to the problem of defining literacy. This solution consists of examining and discussing the three metaphors: literacy as adaptation, literacy as power and literacy as a state of grace. In these three metaphors literacy is defined in different contexts. Also, she supposes that we need to examine the problem of definition from different angles, provide a deeper examination, and combine these three metaphors together …show more content…

Rose says that it was low level classes and he was placed in these classes accidentally, but he decided to stay there. Basically, he talks about his classmates and education environment in this school. As I understood from the text, the education environment was not good to grow good students. Rose explains that his teachers were not so interested in teaching and they used physical violence to control students. As for the students, many of them had negative behaviour and no desire to study, but Rose noted their true personalities and says that they weren't just troublemakers. Also, the author says that in his life disaster happened: his father died. This time, a new teacher came at Rose's school. Rose admired this teacher, and understood that he was the best teacher in this school. Through hard work and the support of this new teacher, Rose ended up going to college and discovered who he really was. I think this article is about motivation in school, because one teacher and his support changed Rose's life. As for the other students, they just didn't have the aim in life, and that is why they chose to not learn as well as they could and felt that they only wanted to be average. I think that nowadays we have the same

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