Love In The Play Cyrano De Bergerac

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The play Cyrano de Bergerac is about a love triangle between Roxane, Cyrano, and Christian. Christian and Cyrano desire Roxane’s love, but Christian has the upper hand because of his outer beauty. Cyrano writes letters conveying his love to Roxane, but allows Christian to use them as his own. Christian wins Roxane’s heart by deceit and eventually realizes that Roxane only loves the fake version of him. Although Christian uses Cyrano, he is a noble and honest man because he wants to tell Roxane regardless of how he feels about her. Christian is not even close to being as poetic or intelligent as Cyrano. Cyrano willingly allows Christian to pass the love letters on to Roxane appearing as though Christian writes them himself. Christian wins over …show more content…

Christian pities Cyrano because Cyrano’s love shows in the letters and Christian does not know how to display his feelings as Cyrano. Christian shows Cyrano that he does not want to continue using the letters when he says, “No, no! I say.’ ‘I am aweary of these borrowed letters, --Borrowed love-makings!’
‘Now I know she loves!’ ‘I fear no longer!--I will speak myself.” (Act 3 Scene 3). Christian enthusiastically exclaims that he will no longer use the letters, but Cyrano believes Christian has gone ballistic. Christian never informs Roxane that Cyrano was the one who really wrote the letters because he dies in combat. Christian would have told if he had lived, but sadly Roxane never learns and has to live with the sorrow of her false love dying. Although ignorant, Christian is noble and honest. He tries to make Roxane love him for reasons other than the letters and even tries to tell her they were from Cyrano. Though he fails, knowing that what was happening was not right makes him honest, and doing his best to tell Roxane regardless of his love for her makes him noble. Christian even tells Cyrano that Roxane really loves Cyrano instead of himself. If Christian was a selfish liar he would never even think of telling Cyrano he had just as much of a chance with Roxane as he

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