Loving V. Loving Vs. Virginia Court Case

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1967, a court case was brought up to supreme court, involving two people, a white male and a black female fighting for their right to love each other without having any consequences. One night this married couple were arrested and banished and even jailed due to the fact these two people were just sleeping in the same bed and living in the same house. The laws prohibiting the right to interracial marriage and these two to even be together was called miscegenation laws. These laws prohibited any different race from being together, especially blacks and whites. The loving vs. Virginia court case proved that miscegenation laws were unconstitutional and exchanged back equality after the case was resolved, these laws didn’t allow any race to marry another and had unnecessary rules and punishments …show more content…

The equality act holds the evidence of allowing everyone to be considered and given permission to be equal and have rights. But because of the rules against marriage between two different people not in the same race, the act is not being followed and being held back from these people and their natural born rights. Mildred Loving and her white husband Richard Loving got married in Washington since miscegenation laws didn’t allow them to marry in Virginia, they came back to their home and arrested later in the middle of the night because they were living together and because they were together and married they got jailed for a year and banished from Virginia for twenty five years. These laws made them guilty for just loving each other and living together. Miscegenation laws take away their rights to do all of those things and they make the white man unequal to the colored person. Miscegenation laws are found to be unlawful and unconstitutional because it doesn’t allow two different races to feel equal to each other and provide there equal rights crossing and ignoring the equality

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