Macbeth Gender Roles Quotes

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Gender roles that are given represent feminine as weaker and sensitive, while a man may not cry. They must take action with no emotion along with no hesitation. Gender has social, psychological, and behavioral aspects. Female qualities give less damage, looked upon as harmless, while male features give off more destruction and dangers to people. In Macbeth, the roles were acted and reversed in actions that take place; It emphasizes the gender roles. Gender is used to express emotion, caution, and views while also being stereotyped between male and female. Act 1 scene 5, Lady Macbeth quotes, " Come, you spirit that tend on mortal thoughts, unisex me here. Come to my woman's breast and take my milk for gall, you murd'ring ministers. Yet I fear thy nature, it is too full o'th milk of human kindness." Lady Macbeth calls to the spirit to rid her of her feminity and fill her like a man, one with deadly cruelty. This shows how the female qualities Lady Macbeth possessed kept her back by her delicacy to commit such churlish crimes. After Lady Macbeth was stripped, she was later able control Macbeth's actions and take the lead in Act 2, Scene 2. "Why worthy thane, you unbend your noble strength to think so brainsickly of things," She continues to call his actions weak so unlike …show more content…

While at first filled with shock, he couldn't help the next treacherous feeling that it was all his fault. "Sinful Macduff, they were all struck for thee." Malcolm used this as a chance to strengthen Macduff, " Dispute it like a man, let grief convert to anger." Malcolm wants Macduff to use his pain in battle, instead of sulking, use it for revenge. In response, Macduff claims, "Oh, I could play the woman with mine eyes and braggart with my tongue. But gentle heavens cut short all intermissions." I could sit here weeping like a woman and talking about getting revenge, but I will man up and take

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