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Toby Bustos Mrs. Kamberg English IV 13 January 2023 The Experience Of Guilt Why do people feel guilt? People feel guilt for a whole host of reasons, whether they've committed a crime or hurt someone physically or mentally. People feel this way as a response to actions they do that contradict their moral compass. A quote to help understand this is, “It can help rectify a volatile situation by making a wrongdoer feel bad about his or her transgression, which in turn can reduce the suffering of the victim involved.” Glanzrock, 9 June 2016. This connects to my thesis by saying that guilt can make a person feel so bad about his actions it can make him act better. Like when in And Then There Were None general Macaurther resigns himself to death …show more content…

“The guilt that we are most familiar with is neurotic guilt. This guilt is inhibiting. This is a guilt we get caught up in. people let it define them. We obsess over an action.” Edelstein, 15 Nov. 2022. sometimes guilt can overpower people and take over their whole. Life, like in Macbeth when Macbeth dreams night after night about the people he’s killed. In Macbeth near the end when Lady Macbeth is found dead it is later discovered she killed herself, she wrote in a note before she did that she is sorry for leading Macbeth down an evil path and tries to apologize. Shakespeare 2013. In this scene, Lady Macbeth feels guilt for taking fate into her own hands and leading Macbeth down a path of evil. she wronged someone and now tried to atone for it. These quotes support that the characters of Macbeth experience guilt often. Another example that would help explain guilt is The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The …show more content…

This quote helps support that “For denial or avoiding feelings of guilt, there won’t be healing between my partner and me. There isn’t any personal growth and learning for me.” Edelstein, 15 Nov. 2022. This quote connects with my thesis by saying when people avoid their guild and refuse to recompense the one they wronged it could lead to personal damage. like when in The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime when Christopher's mother feels guilty over leaving and refuses to communicate with his father so they drift further apart. In the text when Christopher finds the notes his mom sent to him that his dad hid from him he reads them and finds a note where his mom is writing about how she is sorry for leaving him, she just couldn't handle him was her reasoning. Haddon 2012. This scene shows his mother trying to apologize and justify leaving him because she realizes she did wrong to him. And wants to repair their relationship both with him and his father in the end. These quotes support that the characters in the novel experience guilt when they've wronged others. Another text that would show guilt is And Then There Were

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