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Shakespeare’s story Macbeth is a play that contains guilt, pleasure, and manipulation. The character Macbeth was always loyal to his king that he had served, King Duncan, until Macbeth’s wife Lady Macbeth manipulated him into killing his king that he has been so loyal to. Macbeth thought that it was absurd to think that way, but she made it possible to make him think that it is a good idea to get him what he wanted, to be king. Macbeth made a deal with three witches to that he could become king if he completed his three prophecies, they gave him. He completed the job of murdering the king and has become king, but he was reminded of something, that his friend Banquo were still here and that he also made a deal with the witches to make his son …show more content…

He killed King Duncan which who had he been so loyal to and would never do such a thing. Also killed Banquo his best friend because he was in the way of getting what Macbeth wanted. Macbeth was so manipulated into this that he would betray so many people to what he wanted. Macbeth was so furious that he was not set to be king yet so in the text he says, “And with thy bloody and invisible hand, cancel and tear to pieces that great bond which keeps me pale.” (3.2.47-49) This proves that he has no sympathy anymore and would kill people just to get what he wants because in this quote he’s saying no matter who the person is to him that he will ruin that bond, whatever it …show more content…

Macbeth first thinks that it is a bad idea to kill to get what he wants, then he soon realizes that it is the only way to get his dreams to happen. “And with thy bloody and invisible hand, cancel and tear to pieces that great bond which keeps me pale.” (3.2.47-49) He is too upset to think anything through to that he is killing his best friend that he is thinking about how it has come down to this. It is a good thing to do to get what he wants because it will always work and that’s the thing that has always worked out for him, also get him what he wants quickly. Nobody can benefit from murder, you might be getting what you want but its never a good thing to do. The guilt that it leaves with you about what you have done and how wrong that it is. “We will not proceed no further in this business. He hath honored me of late.” (1.7.32-33) In this quote Macbeth is saying that he will not be doing what Lady Macbeth wants him to do because he is not going to betray his king that has become his trustworthy

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