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The play entitled Macbeth by William Shakespeare portrays Macbeth, a loyal and brave thane to the king. When a prophecy reveals he will become king, Macbeth is overcome with ambition and greed. Convinced of this prophecy and the encouragement from his wife, he is able to kill the king and take the throne. Although Macbeth was able to obtain the throne, he was was overwhelmed by power and guilt leading to internal conflict, which suggests that success is not desirable through cheating and corruption and ultimately cost more than its actually worth, Macbeth`s reckless pursuit of killing and becoming the king is representative of the power he has and what he is able to do with the power he's gained; therefore. His relentless ambition for king reveals the guilt behind power. One of the first account of Macbeth's ambition for power is when he says “my thought, whose murder …show more content…

In the quote Shakespeare reveals Macbeth as remorseful, that there was a sense of regret in this moment of murder. He also creates the image of Macbeth right before he begins to shift into a spiral of corruption, revealing the futility of gaining power. It is illustrated that Macbeth begins meddling with power that should be left alone, this is best depicted in the quote “whose horrid image doth unfix my hair and make my seated heart knock at my ribs Against the use of nature? Present fears Are less than horrible imaginings” (23, 146-149) suggesting the change in Macbeth as he begins to lose himself. The “horrid image doth unfix my hair” reveals Macbeth's dark path and begins to change his nature as he succumbs to more power. This pursuit for power ultimately results in his guilt; Shakespeare displays guilt through Macbeth's internal conflict and the many decisions that revolve

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