Macbeth Tragic Hero Quotes

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Tragic Hero’s

In act three scene four Macbeth says, “It will have blood, they say. Blood will have blood.” this shows him being arrogant. Macbeth is a great example of a tragic hero because it shows him having Nobel powers, a fatal flaw, and the free choice.

Nobel power is a case of a tragic hero is demonstrated in Act one scene three Macbeth says “I already know I am the Thane of Glamis because I inherited the position when my father, Sinel, died. But how can you call me the Thane of Cawdor?” By him saying this, it shows that he knows he is the best. He is questioning how he can Thane of Coward to because the Thane is still alive. At this point, Macbeth is still seeing he is even with other that have the same power.

Macbeth’s tragic flaw

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