Madame Louise D Epinay Research Paper

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In recent years, feminism has been widely talked about, however, in the 1700’s few dared to mention the subject. One of those few brave people was Madame Louise d’Epinay. The Enlightenment in the 1700’s was a time of exploration, new ideas and transforming society. During this innovative time period, Madame Louise d’Epinay saw an opportunity to spur change that defied social norms. Her courage and dedication to a vital cause created lasting impact on women around the world. Madame Louise d’Epinay expanded women’s roles in the eighteenth century through her literature and helped establish the foundation for the feminist movement which remains present today. Madame Louise d’Epinay’s future and purpose in writing was shaped by the hardships …show more content…

d’Epinay was born into a wealthy family as an only child. Her father, Monsieur d'Esclaves, married her mother, the wealthy Madame D’Esclaves, after his long career in the military. At the age of ten, d’Epinay and her family moved to Paris to make connections for an advantageous marriage. Shortly after, her father died, and d’Epinays life changed drastically. She and her mother went to live with Madame D’Esclaves wealthy sister (Trouille 97). d’Epiany’s aunt disliked Louise and looked down on her because of her financial status. She became jealous of her intellectual capability because she had surpassed her cousins, and therefore, did not allow her to have an education (Trouille 97). Soon enough, d’Epinay and her mother could not live with her aunt anymore because of the hatred and condemnation. So they decided to start a new

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