Madness In Hamlet And Ophelia

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The tragedy of Hamlet, by William Shakespeare conveys the catastrophic lives and deaths of the royalty in Denmark, and how each others trickery and actions lead to the demise of everyone involved. In the disastrous play, deaths and the secret causes of these murders are brought to life, forcing the insanity in the play to begin. Hamlet and Ophelia’s madness inadvertently infects everyone involved, whether the madness is real or not.There is a variation of madness in Hamlet, but the difference between Ophelia and Hamlet’s is that one is true madness while the other fades throughout the entirety of the play. Ophelia’s madness impacts the majority of her personal life very negatively, whilst Hamlet fakes madness negatively affects the ones around him. The death of Hamlet’s father and him discovering that the new King Claudius murdered him, leads Hamlet to the brilliant idea of portraying a mad man. Hamlet faking his madness leads to Ophelia’s true madness as to he murdered her father, Polonius. The death of her father hitting her hard, she begins to act as a crazed woman singing and handing out imaginary flowers, eventually ending her life. The underlying difference of madness conveys how emotions and trickery can affect the play and lives of everyone involved. The main character and the man who starts the inevitable spiral down for all the characters in the play, is Hamlet. Readers see that he puts on an act of being mad to seek what he wants, revenge. Readers never knowing

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