Madness In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Irrational madness can be good Being mad and acting out doesn't always come with negative outcomes.As crazy as it sounds not only bad things happen when someones mad. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey, Randle Patrick Mcmurphy is seen as eccentric. Mcmurphy is the leader of the other patients in the ward. This madness in Mcmurphy gives the men hope throughout the novel. The irrational behavior can be judge as reasonable in many cases. Mcmurphy is a big, loud and confident man. He’s different from many other patients in the ward. When he first entered the ward he was laughing and telling jokes. He is a man that believes in freedom and independence. Mcmurphy is seen as being mad because of his violent behavior. Some of examples of this …show more content…

The patients dont question his violence with Nurse Ratched because no one has ever standed up to her. Nurse ratched is the reason they dont have confidence in themselves. As McMurphy stays longer, the other patients become more aware as to what is happening. Before McMurphy came in the ward the men believed everything that was done to them was for their own good Nurse Ratched was able to manipulate the men and had full power to boss them around. After McMurphy came he was able to show them that Nurse Ratched uses their weakness against them and was just a manipulator. All of McMurphy violent behavior was for the men to better themselves. He prepared them for real world outside of the ward. He helped them not to get pushed around and to not be afraid to do what they want. Mcmurphy’s madness is made reasonable as it provided the patients with hope and helped them return to a sane lifestyle. By the end, McMurphy managed to release many of the patients to their normal senses, Even though it caused him to lose his freedom.The irrational behavior can be judge as reasonable in many

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