Manhood In Macbeth Essay

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(An Analysis of the Theme Manhood Throughout Macbeth)

What defines a man's manhood is different throughout many cultures. Some cultures define a man buy his wealth and property, by his success. Other cultures define manhood by how well a man fights, his strength and/or courage. This definition of manhood can be found in multiple cultures, including the setting in which Shakespeare wrote Macbeth. But there is a whole other side to what defines a man’s manhood that isn't physical at all, but mental. Being a real man can be defined as having discipline and integrity. Doing what you should even when you can get away with doing what you should not. In Acts I-IV William Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, the theme of manhood is prevalent.
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Macbeth has just murdered Duncan at this point in the tragedy. After he commits his murderous acts, he pretends to know nothing of it, part of his plan to take over the crown. When he see the body for what his fellow peers think is the first time Macbeth says, “All is but toys. Renown and grace are dead.” Though Macbeth is referring to King Duncan the phrase can also be related back to Macbeth himself. This is where the theme of manhood begins to expand and deepen. This phrase suggests that to be a true man , not only do you have to be brave and strong but you need to have other qualities, that though they may not seem manly, are the qualities a real man would have. It is at this point that we know Macbeth's manhood is beginning to slip away. This is the scene where we see Macbeth as less of a true man, which escalates as the play continues. Macbeth also does something interesting after finding the body. He kills the grooms who are said to be the murders. This is interesting because to Macbeth's peers, the murder of the two grooms was justified because of Macbeth's overwhelming rage and desire to honor the king. Macbeth seemed like a true man to those around him, acting out of love and honor. Meanwhile, the audience understands how deceiving and terrible Macbeth really

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