Manipulation In Ender's Honesty Over Deception

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Ender is manipulated
Almost all individuals prefer honesty over deceit. There are times when lying and manipulation seem to be necessary. To remove a burden, lying can be a proper solution. But there are times people just lie for their own benefit, which eventually hurts others. In Ender’s case, manipulation might have been necessary or unnecessary. It was obvious that Ender was manipulated into exterminating an entire race. In this essay, I am going to present reasons why Ender shouldn’t have been manipulated but in fact he deeply is. One of the reasons why Ender should not have been manipulated is the guilt that Ender felt because of that manipulation. The other reason is there might have been catastrophic results because of not knowing about the truth. The third reason manipulation was bad for Ender because it stole his innocent. Another factor that explains why manipulation is bad is Ender becoming a cold hearted and strict person.
Manipulation hurt Ender so bad that he was drowned in guilt. “I was ordering pilots to go in and die and I didn’t even know it” (Card 298). After finishing the war with the buggers, Ender finds out that whatever pilots he sacrificed in the …show more content…

Then they kept manipulating by isolating him and pushing away everyone that they thought was his friend. He went through a lot and did a lot for them. And at the end he regrets it and feels extremely mad about it because they made him kill an entire species without him being aware of. I mean he knew that they were preparing him for a war. But he didn’t know that the last fight was actually the war because they simply didn’t tell him the truth, which shows that how the whole situation in which Ender was in was a complete

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