Marcy Adaptation: Change Over Time

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4.00 FRQ Practice

Sensory adaptation is a change over time. In the paragraph above sensory adaptation is used to differentiate the ages of all the kids Marcy will be babysitting. From ages 6 months to 3 years to even 5years. Also, the ages mean sensory adaptation because it's a change over the ages. Also, the weekend means sensory adaptation because it's a change over time. (because the changes of days)

Egocentrism is only thinking and caring about oneself (being self-centered). In the paragraph, Egocentrism is used when Marcy parents only think about themselves and ask Marcy to babysit her cousins. Also knowing that Marcy was so excited to see her older brother and family. Marcy most likely does not want to babysit little kids.

The reticular formation is found in part of the brainstem. It has 4 major functions such as sensory control, visceral control, motor control, and control of consciousness. It also helps with staying awake and alert. In the paragraph above Marcy uses reticular formation when she has to stay awake to babysit all 3 of the little kids also when she has to be alert and aware that kids are safe and not doing anything they shouldn’t be doing. …show more content…

In the paragraph above Secure attachment is used when Marcy is left to babysit her 3 nephews and nieces because how they are so young they probably will miss their mom/father and feel as if they left them. They will soon come to find that their caregiver will in fact

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