Civil Rights Dbq Essay

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In the Civil Rights Moment there were two men named Martin Luther King and Malcom X. They both aimed for racism to be gone but differently. Martin Luther King was a black minister who aimed for freedom and no racism towards blacks with no violence. Malcom X was also a black minister who tried to end racism but in a violent way for human rights. The Supreme Court cut down on discrimination such as jobs and racial harassment during the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1800s. Martin Luther King was a minister who became a spokesperson and leader in Civil Rights Movement and became famous for "I had a dream" and who died in 1968 in Memphis city. In document #2 it shows were Martin Luther King was assasinated in 1968 in Tennessee the city Memphis. Also how there was a lot of racism in the south. James Earl Ray was a racist and was planning a assasination in the early 1968 and planned to kill Martin Luther King. Most activity happened in the 4 documents in total south for civil rights. Martin Luther King was a black minister who aimed for freedom and no racism towards blacks. In document #6 it shows two buttons, in the picture one representing Martin Luther King (March on Washington) the other representing Malcolm X (Black …show more content…

He tried to get blacks rights and have no racism in the United States. He also didn't care if it resulted in violence as long as there was no racism and blacks having rights. In document #8 it states "If it must take violence to get the black man his human rights in this country, I'm for violence!". What Malcolm X is saying is that he will do what ever it takes in order to get rid of racism even if violence has to happen, if it takes black people to die in order for the message to go through. Also that blacks should defend themselves and use violence if needed too (Blacks shouldn't be mistreated if they get hit from a white person they fight

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