Martin L King Speech Analysis

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Martin L. King was a very well spoken man who wanted to bring equality to the negro community, but did he really represent the whole colored community. I will talk about how he only seemed to represent the black christian community. His speeches fail to include the latino and asian community. The latino and asian people were left out of the Martin L. King speeches and so they were not really in the minds of most people, but lucky for them they did have people who did stand up for these people to name a two of these people one was Cesar Chavez and Sal Castro. He does represent the black community very well by giving them motivation to keep pushing for their rights and keeping the peace. He talk about how they have gone through a lot of pain and tribulations to get where they are and they can’t stop now, and that they are close to their goal and they have the world’s attention. He talks about how america has given a “bad check” the bad …show more content…

king represent white people in his speech “I have a dream” he made them seem like all white men and women had this hatred towards the black community, but we know that this is not true. Not all white people wanted for the black man to be oppressed some supported the black community, for example some of the white people would escort the kids who were trying to goto integrated school. He did not show that the black community to have a hatred towards white people which was rather interesting instead he taught to “love your enemies” , unlike Malcolm X who taught that we should hold it against the white man and to fight back. So martin made it seem like the white man were the evil and that they just abused the black man, So he did not really have to make the white man look bad because they kind of made themselves look bad, but black people would start to stereotype the white man and see him as devils just like Malcolm did. So Martin luther king portrayed them as oppressor but that we should not stoop to there

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